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Laminate Flooring Tiles – An Overview for the Novices

High quality laminate flooring tiles are among the favorites of countless homeowners nowadays. These synthetic products, designed to imitate the look of wood or stone, can transform your home interiors with their sheer beauty and versatility. Today, laminate flooring tiles carry a host of brand names, giving ample indication of their rising popularity. Huge quantities of laminate tiles are sold to customers every day, meeting the varying requirements for their homes. They are offered in various materials and it is up to you to decide which one best suits your needs.


The best thing about laminate floor tiles is they are easy to clean and consequently preferred by individuals who are well occupied and have the shortage of time to carry out intricate cleaning work. Laminate is easy to maintain and reasonably priced as well. Never resort to guesswork when purchasing laminate flooring tiles as the outcome might be unpleasant for you. Always look for clear-cut answers to your questions. There are relevant individuals who can help you clear your doubts. They include laminate tile manufacturers, sellers, and users who have past experience in purchasing the product. You can ask your queries to the manufacturer or seller, either offline or online. If they are credible enough, they would certainly answer your questions.


This will let you garner more in-depth knowledge of the laminate tiles. You’ll find out the ins and outs of this flooring option, including its advantages and disadvantages. Tiles are an excellent means to add sophistication to any home. The Internet is a great source to collect information on any topic these days. In the cyberspace, you can read plenty of reviews of laminate flooring varieties, learn about their positive and negative aspects, and finally make the right decision. It is likely that manufacturers can overstate their products and may not show the true picture. However, the most honest insights will come from persons who have no vested interests. There are also some floor tile stores that provide free samples to prospective buyers so that they can try these samples out in their homes and determine whether these are suitable for them. It is your responsibility to find these stores that focus on customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Lastly, you need to be aware of how to clean and keep up laminate tiles. Never use harsh chemicals to clean. Any scrubbing material should not be used as well unless it is recommended by the manufacturer. Develop a habit to keep the tiles as neat and clean as possible and this would make their maintenance a lot easier in the long run. At the time of installation, follow the manual if you wish to do this task yourself and save some money; otherwise, you should rely on the expertise and experience of a professional tile installer.


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Laminate Wood Flooring: Meaning and Facts About It

A buyer who is looking for durability and design at a great value, laminate is a terrific option for them. To understand laminate a little better and choose the best material for your home, following is some useful information on this flooring option.

Meaning of Laminate Flooring

Laminate is one of the durable, versatile and easy to maintain flooring types. Basically, it is synthetic type of flooring made of several layers and designed to look like stone, tile, authentic hardwood and other materials.

Is Laminating Flooring Durable?

Multi-layer construction of laminate is highly resistant to stains, wear and tear, and heavy traffic, thus making it popular with homeowners having an active and big family.

Laminate 1

Construction of Laminate Flooring

Each layer of laminate flooring serves a purpose, but they work together to make it durable. There are different layers with each one having a specific role to play.

• Wear Layer: This is a clear, hardened melamine layer that protects the floor from stains, spills, fading, and resists scratches and scuffs.

• Design Layer: A photographic image displays highly realistic visuals of natural stone or hardwood.

• Inner Core: It is a high density fiberboard that provides the flooring with durability, stability and moisture resistance.

• Backing: This one is a balancing layer that protects the floor from warping.

Do This Flooring Looks Like Real Wood?

It can surely look like real wood. It’s not just the photographic image but also modern techniques that are used to create a texture and visual that are consistent with each other.

Where Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed at Home?


This type of flooring can be installed almost anywhere in your home as long as you have a structurally sound, dry, clean and flat subfloor. You can also install laminate flooring on an existing floor made of concrete, ceramic tiles, wood, vinyl sheets or even carpet.

Longevity of Laminate Wood Flooring

It can last for a long time, even a lifetime. But, it depends on which type of material you choose and how you have maintained it. Laminate flooring is better than most of the flooring types available in the market.

How to Choose the Best Laminate Floor?

• Look: Whatkind of design do you want? Is it contemporary, urban, rustic, coastal, cottage or anything else? Then, choose one accordingly for your home.

• Colors: Laminate flooring is available in a wide range of colors and you will certainly find your suitable color that goes well with your interior decor.

• Texture: There are different textures such as embossed type, overall texture and hand scraped texture. Choose the one you want.

• Width: Wide widths are trending as they give room feel open and sophisticated. So, select the width according the style and architecture of your home.

• Gloss: You may prefer fine finish also known as high gloss or matte finish also called low gloss look.It is your personal taste.

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Laminate Wood Flooring: A Great Way to Decorate Your Floor

Various flooring retailers sell laminate flooring as a hardwood alternative. But, today it is hard to distinguish between actual hardwood floors and laminate floors. The real laminate flooring looks like a high quality picture that undergoes a lamination process to bond it with a fiber core. Engineered hardwood is a type of flooring having different layers and usually a different species of wood for the core part than the top layer. Sometimes engineered hardwood is incorrectly referred to as laminate wood flooring. This happens because people often get confused by seeing the thin layer of wood on top and consider it laminate flooring which has a thin layer of picture on top.


Engineered hardwood flooring comes with a different variety of thickness where the top can be as hard as some solid wood flooring or as thin as a photograph. If you’re going to purchase laminate flooring, then you must know that it is not real hardwood flooring but a great imitator. Maintaining a laminate floor is totally different from maintaining real hardwood. So before opting for laminate wood floors, be sure to look at the surface carefully.

Types of Laminate Wood Floorings

Lamination process simply fuses together two or more materials and then seals them. Stone, wood and tiles are some of the popular materials used for lamination. There are different types of laminate which will give you an idea to settle on the type that will better suit your project. They are described as follows:

By Installation Method: Laminate can be divided into different categories on the basis of the installation method used.

• Glue less click: Most of the laminates fall under this category as it is easy to install using a ‘lock and click’ installation method. Some laminates come with a pre-attached under pad which makes installation quicker and easier.

• Glued laminated: Here it needs to glue the joints together. This will make a very strong floor once installed. In this case,the installation cost and time is higher than the glue less click.

• Pre glued: In this type, the joints have already been glued. However, this may need to be moistened to activate the glue before you join them together.

By Surface Type: If you want to choose your floor by simply looking at the surface, then the following types of laminate will be ideal.

• Smooth: This is a plain finish just like a layer of varnish. You can choose from low, medium and high gloss finishes.

• Textured: This type is having a beautiful textured finishing.

• Hand scraped: It adds an antique look to your laminate floor.

• Embossed: It is used for the most authentic embossed look.

By AC rating: AC ratings are for those who look for durability. AC stands for Abrasion Class. As a general rule, the higher is the AC rating, the higher is the price.


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