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Buy Moroccan Tiles to Brighten Your Home with an Arabic Touch

About 1200 years ago, Moroccans began making tiles. These tiles were some of the first tiles using geometric shapes in intricate patterns. Making Moroccan tiles is more of an art. These are available in different sizes from small mosaics to large wall tiles. Their detailed geometric designs are one of their distinguished features. To create a geometric pattern, mosaics and larger tiles are combined with tiles of other colors. Because of an Islamic restriction on using human images, Moroccan tiles were created to design exterior and interior walls beautifully.

Moroccan Tile Style


We often think of intricate patterns when we think about Moroccan tiles. There are many Moroccan tile styles available in a tile shop, but you may not able to recognize it. Simple patterns are also available that can be used on large areas of the house. We are using many Moroccan style tiles designed by creative designers without knowing about their origin. There are not only intricate designs, but also also simple designs of plain colors, usually being an earthy tone.

You may not want to install intricate patterns on a full wall, but you can cover certain areas of your home with these tiles and brighten them up. You can also use narrow Moroccan tiles. To add color to your wall or floor, they can be used both horizontally and vertically. If you want a dramatic look, then use large format tiles. Moroccan tiles can be a mixture of bright colors and muted ones.

Making of Intricate Moroccan Tiles


Moroccan architecture means looming archways, giant dooms, and intricate tiles and mosaics. The tiles are a key factor in this architecture for a long time. The construction of these tiles is itself time consuming and labor intensive. Tiles appear to be simple in shape but creating them requires incredible skills that can be attained by continuous practice over years. The practice of making tiles generally starts from childhood and passes down from generation to generation.

Process of making these tiles includes:

• First of all, ceramic blank is made. Clay is beaten into shape.While wet, they are cut down to a standard size.

• Then the blanks are dipped into enamel of different colors, and fired in a massive kiln.

• Shapes are traced into the blanks and then chiseled out by hand with extreme precision.

• By laying the tiles face down inside a form, geometric patterns are created.

• To hold everything together, a final clay layer is applied.

Moroccan tiles are recognizable by their simple colors and geometric patterns. Any other forms of mosaics would depict people or animals. But, Moroccan tiles do not depict living things as they follow the Islamic Law which forbids the drawing of living beings. It does not have any effect on tiles as they continue to look incredibly beautiful.

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Natural Stone Floor Tiles: Factors to Consider Before Purchasing

Natural stones are usually referred to a variety of mineral substances extracted from the Earth’s crust. Some of these stones are used to cover the walls and floors of buildings. Natural stone flooring includes materials like limestone, marble, slate, travertine, sandstone, and granite and each of them has slightly different properties. If you are purchasing stone flooring tiles, then you have to understand the characteristics of this type of flooring to determine whether it is perfect for a specific location or not.

There are several factors you should take into consideration and question the retailers accordingly at the time of purchasing natural stone tiles.

Absorption rating: With the help of absorption rating, you will know how porous a given material is. The more absorbent it is, the higher is the chance of developing cracks when subjected to freezing conditions. Different types of natural stones have varying absorption rates with sandstone being the most porous, while granite is waterproof even when not sealed. Classification of absorption rates are as follows:

• Non vitreous: It has the highest absorption level. So this type of tiles should not be used in any damp environment.

• Semi vitreous: These types of tiles are less absorbent.However,if they are exposed to more liquid, more maintenance will be required.

• Vitreous: For flooring tiles, these are the standard absorption tiles. These are generally more appropriate for most mid to low traffic outdoor and indoor applications.

• Impervious: It is resistance to the absorption of the liquid and easy to maintain. It is mainly used in high traffic commercial applications. Sandstone is the most porous; travertine and limestone has medium absorbency; granite is relatively waterproof.

Grade:Some of the retailers use grading system to rate the quality of materials. This can be measured in size, shape and thickness of the tiles as well as the condition of the surface of the tiles. There are three grades of quality to consider:

• Grade 1 refers to high quality materials.

• Grade2 refers to materials with minor defects such as scratches, chips or irregular surfaces.

• Grade 3 refers to materials having great flaws in size, shape, surface or chipping. These are used only as accent pieces or for any rustic decorative applications.

Coefficient of friction: It shows how slippery the material is. The higher the coefficient, the higher is the chance of traction a tile will have. Such tiles are especially used in moist environments such as bathroom and kitchens as well as in high traffic commercial areas.

Indoor vs. outdoor rating: Some of the stone floor tiles are best suited for outdoors compared to others. There are many factors that decide whether it can be used in an open environment or not.

Oxidation:For over millions of years, natural stones are formed beneath earth. They often contain a variety of elements. Sometimes iron is also present in natural stones. When used in an outdoor environment, such stone flooring tiles get oxidized causing rust. As a result, the entire tile degenerates over time.

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