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Laminate Flooring Tiles – An Overview for the Novices

High quality laminate flooring tiles are among the favorites of countless homeowners nowadays. These synthetic products, designed to imitate the look of wood or stone, can transform your home interiors with their sheer beauty and versatility. Today, laminate flooring tiles carry a host of brand names, giving ample indication of their rising popularity. Huge quantities of laminate tiles are sold to customers every day, meeting the varying requirements for their homes. They are offered in various materials and it is up to you to decide which one best suits your needs.


The best thing about laminate floor tiles is they are easy to clean and consequently preferred by individuals who are well occupied and have the shortage of time to carry out intricate cleaning work. Laminate is easy to maintain and reasonably priced as well. Never resort to guesswork when purchasing laminate flooring tiles as the outcome might be unpleasant for you. Always look for clear-cut answers to your questions. There are relevant individuals who can help you clear your doubts. They include laminate tile manufacturers, sellers, and users who have past experience in purchasing the product. You can ask your queries to the manufacturer or seller, either offline or online. If they are credible enough, they would certainly answer your questions.


This will let you garner more in-depth knowledge of the laminate tiles. You’ll find out the ins and outs of this flooring option, including its advantages and disadvantages. Tiles are an excellent means to add sophistication to any home. The Internet is a great source to collect information on any topic these days. In the cyberspace, you can read plenty of reviews of laminate flooring varieties, learn about their positive and negative aspects, and finally make the right decision. It is likely that manufacturers can overstate their products and may not show the true picture. However, the most honest insights will come from persons who have no vested interests. There are also some floor tile stores that provide free samples to prospective buyers so that they can try these samples out in their homes and determine whether these are suitable for them. It is your responsibility to find these stores that focus on customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Lastly, you need to be aware of how to clean and keep up laminate tiles. Never use harsh chemicals to clean. Any scrubbing material should not be used as well unless it is recommended by the manufacturer. Develop a habit to keep the tiles as neat and clean as possible and this would make their maintenance a lot easier in the long run. At the time of installation, follow the manual if you wish to do this task yourself and save some money; otherwise, you should rely on the expertise and experience of a professional tile installer.


When it comes to purchasing and installing laminate flooring in Tampa Bay Area, FL, Way Floors is the leading laminate flooring shop to trust. They offer wide collections of laminate flooring in the latest styles, colors and textures, right from laminate wood flooring to stone and tile floor looks. Their expert flooring contractors eliminate the hassles from the installation process. Among the best floor tile stores in the state, Way Floors offers wholesale floor tiles such as porcelain, ceramic, wood looking, vinyl, hardwood, marble, granite, travertine, and so on. Opt for their top quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets to remodel your interiors as well!

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Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Designs in 2018

Kitchen cabinets are not only used for storage but are an essential element for adorning your kitchen as well. Over the last few years, kitchen cabinets are not much changed but some evolutions have happened to kitchen cabinets over time. Today, kitchens get a streamlined look that focuses solely on simplicity and minimalism. In 2018, you might have come across some bold and wild options popping up. Although cabine tries with simple designs are more popular, some homeowners prefer unique, customized styles that will make a clear statement. To have a perfect kitchen with unique designs, it is important to understand what is imperative to you and then incorporate the latest trends. Following are some of the newest and hottest trends in 2018.

kitchen cabinet 6

• Increased use of oak wood: Oak wood cabinets started making their place in the market with cerused and driftwood finishes. The appearance of the oak wood includes a neutral color, texture and new found soft luxury that can be layered into any space by creating a balance. Oak cabinets have a versatile look, right from French cottage or sea side to a common rustic look or a clean modern simplicity. That is why oaks are becoming a popular option in the cabinet construction. Oak can be used in its natural color or can also be used by giving it a coat of paint. Shades of blue, black and gray seem to be the popular choices among homeowners.

• Color customization: Home owners are now bored with those traditional cookie cutter kitchen designs. They want something that provides a bold statement and color is one way to make an immediate impact. The color of the cabinets plays a major role to make you separate from the pack. Colors like gray, soft green and yellow are currently big favorites but don’t ignore the darker color pallet yet. There are primarily three categories of color you can choose from: light, medium and dark. Dark shades are the boldest ones generating unsurpassed luxury and drama. Medium tones are mostly used and light ones are loved for their simple and soft clean look. They project a timeless style.

• Clean aesthetics: In this modern era, the most influential aspect of kitchen cabinetry is the adoption of clean aesthetics in their construction. Ornate designs are often found in traditional cabinet door styles but modern-day cabinets are free from ornate designs. They have doors with smooth edge profiles and simple clean lines; even the handles come in low profiles, not demanding too much attention to them. These types of cabinets go perfectly with modular kitchens.

• Storage solution with smart tech: Technology is also finding their way to kitchen as in this era, we are inseparable from our gadgets. Now, kitchens have a charging station for your entire range of mobile devices. Consider installing a docking station or device holder if you use your tablet or smartphone to follow a recipe or cooking videos.

If you’re looking for a broad range of kitchen and bathroom cabinets in Tampa Bay Area, Florida, then step into the showroom of Way Floors that stocks several wood species such as Oak, Maple, and Birch in a host of styles and colors along with choices of granite, marble or quartz. Their kitchen cabinets will definitely suit your desired design and budget. Moreover, this floor and decor shop in Brandon deals in best quality wholesale floor tiles, laminate wood flooring, solid hardwood flooring, natural stone floor tiles, indoor and outdoor carpets, vinyl flooring, wood looking tiles, and so on. Further details can be obtained from their website –

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Marble and Granite: Learn About the Perfect Makeover Option for Your Home

Marble primarily consists of calcium carbonate which is somehow softer than granite. In many cases,marble and granite have similar appearances. You can detect some differences upon close examination. The color patterns that appear on these two natural stone types differ a lot. Granite is considered more practical and ideal for everyday use. On the other hand, marble is more suitable for less traffic areas.

There are two types of granite slabs: consistent and variegated. Many will get confused between them, but it is important to know the differences. Consistent granite displays a constant or unbroken pattern. These granite slabs are rather easier to join at the seams and almost any fabricated piece can be fitted with another without losing the flow of continuity.Variegated granite slabs are different in the veining patterns. They make any kitchen to be unique and subtle.

Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic rock – a conglomerate of coral, seashells, skeletons and other calcite materials that settle out in water. Compressed into limestone, it then transforms into marble under the right conditions and right time. Marble is durable enough to be installed on walls, floors and even countertops throughout the house, including the kitchen. It adds timeless elegance to your interiors,but it requires maintenance.

Marble is generally grouped in families defining their characteristics and colors. Not all are marble. The green colored stone is a natural substance called serpentine. Black granite is usually basalt. There is not much difference from the usage point of view, but it is important for import duty, because it puts certain stones into a different classification.

Comparison between Granite and Marble

• Durability: Granite is more durable than marble.

• Resistance to acidic substances: For granite, some sealing is necessary and for marble, sealing is definitely necessary.

• Resistance to heat: Both granite and marble are resistant to heat.

• Resistance to scratches: Granites are mostly resistant to scratches, but marbles are not.

• Porosity: For granite, it depends upon ingredients- gentle dish soaps are recommended. In case of marble,gentle dish soaps are advisable too.

• Stain: Granite is less stainable than marble.

• Impact of cleaning agents: Both the natural stones are damageable by cleaning agents.

• Outdoor usability: For granites, it is yes and for marbles, it is also yes but requires a proper sealant.

• Maintenance: Granites require low maintenance but you have to wipe up the seals immediately. It requires resealing in every two years. Lighter stones are more porous and need more maintenance. Marble also demands low maintenance. You need to wipe up spills immediately to avoid any patches and resealing is required in every two years.

To protect both the natural stones from staining, they should be sealed regularly. With the help of above information, you can choose the perfect stone for your home.

If you’re searching for a comprehensive marble and granite shop in Tampa Bay Area, then Way Floors can end your search. Located in Brandon, this family owned floor and decor shop deals in a wide range of natural stone floor tiles sourced from across the world. In addition to marble and granite, it stocks travertine, limestone, slate, shell stone, etc. Get in touch with Way Floor to hire their experienced flooring contractors for your next project and have the peace of mind! Their Brandon shop is also home to laminate wood flooring products, kitchen and bathroom tiles made of ceramic and porcelain, vinyl flooring, engineered and solid hardwood flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wood looking tiles, and many more. Have a look at their website for more information!

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Is It a Feasible Option for Your Home?

Hardwood flooring is a long tradition of luxury and timeless beauty. Installing hardwood flooring is difficult as well as expensive. However,homeowners who are looking for that classic feature in their flooring might consider installing engineered hardwood flooring which is made of several layers. The topmost layer is 100% natural wood, which comes in a variety of species. The bottom layer is also made of wood. In the middle, there is a core built from 5 to 7 layers of plywood that crisscross in different directions. When exposed to moisture, temperature and humidity, engineered construction creates a highly stable core that is less likely to contract, expand or shift.

Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

• Engineered hardwood flooring is primarily designed to reduce the moisture issues that are associated with conventional hardwood.

• Engineered hardwood layers provide added stability and block moisture to your floor.

• Engineered flooring will not warp or swell, making it a very low-maintenance option.

Environmental Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood 2

Engineered flooring is considered more eco-friendly than traditional flooring because of a few reasons stated below.

• Rather than cut with a saw, veneer is sliced in case of engineered hardwood.This is a saw dust free process which means wood of all of trees can be used. Due to saw dust, many solid hardwood boards are wasted.

• Hardwood trees grow slower compared to other trees used to make engineered Hardwood flooring cores. Installing traditional hardwood often involves the use of such slow growing trees because more surface area is produced making veneer. This helps in replenishing time much longer.

Disadvantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

There are some drawbacks of this type of hardwood flooring. These include:

• Compared to laminate, tiles and carpets, engineered hardwood flooring is still expensive.

• Veneers are too thin. This will prevent refinishing and sanding that may double the lifetime of the floors and some veneers are too thin that they can prematurely fade or warp.

• Some wood manufacturers try to cut corners by using oriented strand board or fiber board that may compromise the stability of the floor and will result in an inferior flooring product.

Is the Engineered Hardwood Floor Worth It?

Engineered hardwood floor is easier to install. In fact, there are examples of some handy homeowners installing their own engineered hardwood flooring. Still, it’s a major project with big financial implications. When shopping for engineered hardwood flooring, you will find a wide range of textures, wood species, colors and finishes. Once it is installed, engineered hardwood planks will look same as solid wood planks. Engineered hardwood flooring can be glued, stapled or floated. It mainly depends on the product you choose. Floating floors are easiest to install and can go directly over an existing floor. Take some time to research on engineered hardwood and determine whether it’s the right floor for your home.

One can shop for the best-quality engineered as well as solid hardwood flooring in Tampa Bay Area by visiting Way Floors – one of the reputable hardwood flooring stores in this region. This family owned business offers a wide range of floor tiles for sale, including ceramic, porcelain, wood looking, marble, granite, etc. They also specialize in tile, laminate and hardwood floor installation, carried out by experienced flooring contractors. Hire them to build and install kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well. Just visit for more details!

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Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Know Before Renovating the Area

New bathroom construction or even bathroom remodeling on a budget requires optimal management of finance, time and resources. If the remodeling project is a minor one, an itemized work order might suffice. If the project is more complex in nature involving modern bathroom designs, then it is necessary to make a formal agreement between the owner and contractor. Now the question arises: what is the average amount of space needed for a bathroom and how much does a basic bathroom remodeling cost? These answers have been discussed below through certain tips that will help you understand what to expect and what to consider.

• Know the cost of bathroom remodeling: Before starting a renovation project, find out how much money you can invest. Factors like the quality of materials, size of bathroom and whether you want to do some work yourself can affect the cost of remodeling.

• Don’t make the toilet first thing to see: Often, the doors of a bathroom are left wide open and it means anyone can see the toilet. You should design anything as your focal point but not the toilet obviously.

• Consider leaving those vintage finishes: The reason for remodeling your bathroom is to give this area a fresh look. However, some things are easier to replace and others are not. So don’t try to get rid of everything; try the vintage finishing instead.

• Plan a lighting scheme: The best approach to a well-lit space is to incorporate layers of accent, ambient, task and decorative lighting.

• Understand normal bathroom dimensions: Knowing a few things about measurements like size of a typical bathtub or how much space needed for toilet will help you in planning your makeover efficiently.

• Plan the perfect height for your sink: Typical counter tops are 32 to 34 inches in height. Now you have to decide the right height for your sink that will make you comfortable while working.

• Pick the right vanity: Vanities are not just for looks. They are very important from a practical aspect too. If you get a larger vanity, then the bathroom area could be a mess. If you choose a smaller one, then you would curse yourself for lack of storage in the days to come. Choosing the wrong material could give you future maintenance issues.

• Double check your tile size: Most tiles are sold in European sizes and the tiles you bought might not be exactly what they claimed to be.

• Install a toilet yourself: The cost of installing fixtures also adds to your cost of bathroom remodeling. One thing you can do yourself is to install a new toilet which will take just one hour.

• Have more than one way to dry your bathroom: Adopt a multifaceted approach to reduce molds or mildews which usually occur due to moisture. Install a good fan towards outside and an operable window.

• Convert your tub to a shower: If a bathtub is not so necessary, then convert it to a shower which will be cost-effective and allow for proper utilization of space.

bath vanity 6

Whether it is kitchen or bathroom remodeling, it is always advisable to collect as much valuable information as possible before starting the project. In view of several complicated tasks involved in renovation, you should seek advice from an expert and hire a professional contractor. Way Floors is one such expert you may rely on if you’re staying in Tampa Bay Area and planning for bathroom or kitchen remodeling. Located in Brandon, FL, they supply the best-quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They offer comprehensive remodeling service, right from measurement and 3D design to fabrication and installation within your desired budget and time. The showroom of Way Floors deals in wholesale floor tiles of all varieties, laminate wood flooring, vinyl flooring, solid hardwood flooring, stone floor tiles, and so on. Visit to acquire more information online!

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Hardwood Floor Installation: Shedding Light on Various Factors Involved

Hardwood floors can transform a room with beauty, warmth and style. Following aresome important things to consider while installing a hardwood floor.

Engineered Vs. Solid Wood Flooring


There are usually two types of hardwood flooring- engineered and solid. Engineered wood flooring is often thinner than solid wood flooring. It is manufactured as a thin layer of wood and a core that is mostly plywood. If you want to install the floor yourself, engineered wood flooring is the best option because it is pre finished. It is more stable than solid wood and resistant to the extreme temperatures and humidity because engineered wood flooring is made from layers of wood sandwiched and bonded together.

Solid wood flooring is the best option traditionally. It is clearly cut from a single board of hardwood and usually thicker than engineered wood. Solid wood flooring has a tendency to twist, expand, warp and contract with changes in temperature and moisture.

Preparing for Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood flooring is usually an expensive home improvement project; it should be qualitative that can give you a durable result. The key is to prepare properly. So, new wood flooring should be laid on a smooth, clean, level, and structurally sound base. The base may be previous flooring, a new plywood subfloor, an existing wood floor in a good condition or even a moisture-proof concrete slab.

Removing Door and Base Moldings

The first step in preparing floors for hardwood installation is to remove base and door moldings. Make sure that the conditions and use of the room won’t have a negative impact on the flooring during installation. Too much traffic on a new floor can ruin the wood flooring.

Preparing Subfloor for Hardwood Flooring

In a typical installation of hardwood flooring, wood framed subfloor is surfaced with plywood subflooring panels. The subfloor must be dry, flat, clean, structurally sound, squeak free and clear of any surface bumps or fasteners. You can cover the entire ground area with 6mm black polythene, overlapping the sheets and then taping them together.

Before Hardwood Flooring Is Delivered

Before the final delivery of hardwood material, the condition of your home must be ready for it. During a remodeling process, wood flooring is typically one of the last installations. To avoid any damage to the flooring, make sure hardwood is put in after the installation of all other fixtures and appliances.

Heat and Humidity Affecting Hardwood Flooring


Solid wood flooring is very susceptible to moisture. Before the installation, wood flooring must be allowed to adjust to the house’s normal temperature. This means the wood should be left in the room where it will be installed after removing its packaging. Normal humidity of the room where flooring will be installed must be artificially controlled. You may set up temporary heating and dehumidification that matches the condition of the room.

These are some points and steps to consider for hardwood floor installation. If you want to leave this task to specialists, then opt for the professional flooring contractors of Way Floors, located in Brandon, FL and serving the entire Tampa Bay Area and beyond. Among the trusted floor tile stores in the region, Way Floors also deals in a wide variety of wholesale floor tiles and kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They offer complete hardwood solutions, such as engineered hardwood, bamboo hardwood, American Classics wood, Exotics, Handcrafted, and moldings, in addition to traditional solid hardwood flooring. Have more details by visiting today!

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Carpets with Inviting Colors and Welcoming Softness Can Transform Interiors

Carpets come in many looks, colors and textures. They are woven by artisans from different parts of the world. Carpet weaving is thousand years old. Their decorative designs and inviting colors hold a special place in any interior. According to some studies, a colorful carpet can have a magical effect. A worldly carpet can be a souvenir of global travels. There are many options that can satisfy your tastes and needs. Carpets have a special place in every household and can hold a special place in your heart as well. Some varieties of carpets have been described below.

Carpet 2

• Antique oriental carpets: The popular category of carpets does not only include carpets made in Asia but also more modern carpets that utilize oriental motifs and themes to convey their message. These carpets are graceful in their presentation of elements that determine the central field. Borders and their flowing movements express a message of vigor all over the masterwork.

• Antique carpets: These are usually represented within various collections. There are varieties of beautiful carpets to choose from, all available according to prominent motifs. Antique carpets represent the old world with ancient weaving techniques that can ensure a special interior if paired with the right environment.

• Folk art carpets: They are popular for their personal touch. More pattern-oriented ones, they are often established as scenery and setting carpets. They are also strikingly soothing and very beautiful to captivate the viewer’s attention.

Types of Carpets According to Materials Used

• Jute carpets: These are among the most popular types of carpets.The material is very strong and does not allow dust like other fabrics. Even for allergic persons, jute carpets are very much suitable. They are eco-friendly and look very stylish too.

• Wool carpets: These carpets are awesome. They are soft, resistant to all kinds of stains and dirt, and easy to maintain. They are available in different sizes, colors and patterns. However, the biggest disadvantage is that it absorbs all dust if not cleaned on a regular basis. It can be easily cleaned with a steam cleaning machine.

• Synthetic carpets: These carpets are the cheapest of all types, but they are not so long-lasting. Stains can be easily removed from them. They can’t be cleaned with hot water.

• Sisal carpets: Just like jute, sisal is also a natural material. It is also resistant to humidity, but can’t be cleaned with water and needs to be vacuumed regularly. Stains can’t be removed, so make sure you don’t stain them.

Choosing a carpet can prove to be a tricky job for many. If you’re staying in Tampa Bay Area and looking to purchase carpets for your home, just pay a visit to the showroom of Way Floors – one of the trusted carpet and flooring stores in the region. They will walk you through all of your options and help you make the best decision. In addition to carpets, the store is a one-stop destination for laminate wood flooring, kitchen and bathroom tiles, vinyl flooring, solid hardwood flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, natural stone floor tiles, and many more. Count on them for all sorts of flooring installation matching your budget too.