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Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom to Resist Water Easily

When it comes to the ability of resisting water, vinyl flooring is possibly second to none. It withstands standing water better than laminate flooring and a lot better than hardwood flooring. That’s why vinyl floor is the most popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens where the incidence of static water is commonplace.Apart from their quality to resist water, vinyl floors are also desired by homeowners for their lower cost than laminate, hardwood or bamboo floors as well as for the ease of cleaning and maintaining them.

Installing vinyl floors in bathrooms or kitchens is a lot easier than installing other flooring types. You can perform this task yourself. However, there are still some risks attached to it. In case of improper installation done by you, the durability and functionality of the vinyl flooring will be severely affected. So, it is advisable to take the help of expert installers to ensure the quality of installation and peace of mind for many years to come.

Oak-TimberVinyl floors are available either in the form of tiles or solid, long sheets. Not just bathrooms and kitchens, they are suitable for utility rooms as well. According to the manner they are installed, vinyl floors come in two varieties, namely self-adhesive and glue-down. The self-adhesive ones already feature glue on the back upon their supply from the factory. Hence, they can be directly laid on the subfloor. The glue-down type calls for a layer of glue applied to the subfloor before its installation. The glue-down vinyl floors are thicker than the self-adhesive ones, so the former is usually stronger than the latter. Nevertheless, both varieties should be smeared with wax to protect them from damage.

Since the self-adhesive is thinner than glue-down, it is cheaper than the latter. As far as the cost of installing vinyl flooring by professionals is concerned, it depends on a number of factors such as the amount of area that needs to be covered, the dimension of each piece of vinyl floor and the labor cost in your region.

Woods-Towne-NatrualInstalling vinyl flooring for bathroom and kitchen in Tampa Bay Area has become economical, thanks to the high quality, yet reasonably priced vinyl products offered by Way Floors – a well-known tile flooring shop here. Just visit this shop in Brandon to discover a wide array of floor tiles for sale at factory rebated discounts. Way Floors also boasts of its skilled flooring contractors who can carry out any size and type of tile or hardwood floor installation with utmost professionalism. Hire this family owned business to design, build and install top-quality kitchen and bath vanity cabinets too!

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Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles: What to Choose for Your Floors?

There is a wide range of floor tiles available at great prices, so you will have a variety of options to make your interiors appealing. However, one should know the pros and cons of each of these tile options before embarking on their purchase.

Known for their exquisiteness and colors, ceramic tiles have been in use for over 100 years. Despite their long history, people often confuse ceramic with porcelain. The ceramic tiles generally come with a red or white biscuit. The surfaces of these tiles are always glazed and beautiful.

In earlier days, before any technical advancement, ceramics fired for long hours in a periodickiln. Today, ceramic mostly fires in a continuous kiln. A continuous kiln using a conveyor belt style technology ensures a greater accuracy. The tiles fire at greater temperatures and attain better uniformity in finishes. Housing prices have also increased as the technology has improved and most individuals normally wish to install tiles only once. As a result, a lot of people go for porcelain tiles that have turned out to be a popular option due to their thickness and resistance to chipping and scratching. They also come in much bigger sizes than ceramic.

Ceramic vs.Porcelain Tiles

Some homeowners prefer both the tiles, ceramic tiles for walls and porcelain tiles for floors. The reason is ceramic wall tiles normally come cheaper than other options and wall tiles do not call for high maintenance as floor tiles. On the other hand, porcelain tiles are more suitable for floors even though they are a bit expensive.These tiles are more durable and long-wearing. So, if you can afford them, you should definitely go for them. Porcelain tiles are offered in a host of sizes, shapes and designs too. Many people favor porcelain tiles since they are effortless to clean and maintain. Porcelain tiles are also far more desirable than ceramic tiles in high traffic areas because of their resistance to scratch.

Why Are Ceramic Floor Tiles Still a Feasible Alternative?

Many individuals are aware that porcelain tiles are thicker than ceramic tiles because of the firing process. Hence, they are more suitable for high traffic areas. However, you cannot write off ceramic yet. It is true that ceramic tiles are less dense,but this also entails they are more hassle-free to modify than porcelain tiles. So when you need to cut it down for edging or corner, you can do it by hand without any trouble. Ceramic tiles are a lot easier to make holes through them. And, the biggest plus point is they are usually available at a cheaper price. Thus, ceramic tiles are still a viable choice for homeowners.You can install ceramic tiles indoors for areas of light to moderate foot traffic and obviously, on walls.

To discover a wide array of living room, kitchen and bathroom tiles in Tampa Bay Area, it is advisable to visit the floor and decor shop of Way Floors – a family-owned business selling top quality items at reasonable prices. From ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles to stone floor tiles, laminate wood flooring and vinyl flooring for bathroom, they carry a host of options for you to choose from. In addition, their experienced flooring contractors can undertake all kinds of floor installation,including the hardwood floor installation, matching your time and budget. Just go to to collect more information and contact them for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project!

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Marble Floor Tiles: Looking at Their Key Characteristics

Marble is a natural stone which is formed when volcanic magma solidifies. It is virtually scratch and stain resistant when maintained and treated properly. Marble flooring is also water resistant and durable as well as renders a beautiful and unique appearance to your home. Cleaning marble is easier than cleaning other floor tiles. The natural stone is often associated with luxury and elegance.

Key Characteristics

• Finish: Marble flooring comes in several man made finishes to blend with and complement different interior designs and furnishings. Polished marble gives a high gloss finish. A matte finish is also available for marble while tumbled finishes offer marble a textured feel and rustic appearance.

• Coefficient of friction: This is an indicator of slip resistance for marbles. The higher the coefficient, the less slippery it will be. It is an important consideration, especially in kitchen. This number is typically not less than 0.6.

• Grade: The grading usually refers to the shape, size and thickness of the tile as well as the condition of its surface. Marble is hard and there is a big difference between a premium and commercial grade stone. Commercial ones may not have the durability you are counting on.

• Sealing: Marbles are naturally porous which makes them prone to dirt and bacteria. Sealing it with a penetrating sealer is highly recommended, which will provide the best and the most efficient barrier.

• Value: Prospective home buyers regard marble flooring highly. These floors can last for generations, when maintained properly, thereby doing away with replacement costs.

• Design: Marble is an ideal material for an inlay pattern which can make for a striking floor.

• Damage: Marble floors can be damaged from heavy dropped objects or heavy sharp items being dragged across them. But regular wear and tear won’t affect properly installed and maintained marble floors. It is always advisable to purchase several extra boxes to use as replacements in the future.

Guide to Use Chemicals for Cleaning Marble Tiles

• First of all, read the label on the bottle of the chemical.

• Always follow the directions and precautions listed on the label.

• Never use chemicals, if you don’t have knowledge about them and how to protect yourself.

• Always take time to protect yourself and the people around you.

• Always dispose chemical properly. For safe disposal of a chemical product at your work, contact your safety and health representative.

While considering natural stones like granites and marbles, it’s very important to understand the attributes of the materials and how they will perform. Marble floors can be an ideal choice, not only for their unique characteristics but also for complementing the characteristics of your family. Quality marble tiles can prove to be a long-term investment and you can make the right selection if you know what to avoid while buying marbles. This can save both your money and time.

Explore a broad range of marble floor tile at Way Floors – a Brandon-based marble and granite shop that sources natural stone floor tiles from all over the world and sells them to customers at reasonable prices. Way Floors also carries kitchen and bath vanity cabinets, vinyl flooring for bathroom and other areas, wholesale floor tiles, indoor and outdoor carpets, laminate wood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring,and so on. This floor and decor shop also serves areas such as Tampa, Riverview, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Wesley Chapel, Lakeland, Land O’ Lakes, and Valrico. You can hire their expert tile contractor for stone tile, laminate, vinyl or hardwood floor installation.Have further details by visiting today!

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Is It a Feasible Option for Your Home?

Hardwood flooring is a long tradition of luxury and timeless beauty. Installing hardwood flooring is difficult as well as expensive. However,homeowners who are looking for that classic feature in their flooring might consider installing engineered hardwood flooring which is made of several layers. The topmost layer is 100% natural wood, which comes in a variety of species. The bottom layer is also made of wood. In the middle, there is a core built from 5 to 7 layers of plywood that crisscross in different directions. When exposed to moisture, temperature and humidity, engineered construction creates a highly stable core that is less likely to contract, expand or shift.

Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

• Engineered hardwood flooring is primarily designed to reduce the moisture issues that are associated with conventional hardwood.

• Engineered hardwood layers provide added stability and block moisture to your floor.

• Engineered flooring will not warp or swell, making it a very low-maintenance option.

Environmental Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood 2

Engineered flooring is considered more eco-friendly than traditional flooring because of a few reasons stated below.

• Rather than cut with a saw, veneer is sliced in case of engineered hardwood.This is a saw dust free process which means wood of all of trees can be used. Due to saw dust, many solid hardwood boards are wasted.

• Hardwood trees grow slower compared to other trees used to make engineered Hardwood flooring cores. Installing traditional hardwood often involves the use of such slow growing trees because more surface area is produced making veneer. This helps in replenishing time much longer.

Disadvantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

There are some drawbacks of this type of hardwood flooring. These include:

• Compared to laminate, tiles and carpets, engineered hardwood flooring is still expensive.

• Veneers are too thin. This will prevent refinishing and sanding that may double the lifetime of the floors and some veneers are too thin that they can prematurely fade or warp.

• Some wood manufacturers try to cut corners by using oriented strand board or fiber board that may compromise the stability of the floor and will result in an inferior flooring product.

Is the Engineered Hardwood Floor Worth It?

Engineered hardwood floor is easier to install. In fact, there are examples of some handy homeowners installing their own engineered hardwood flooring. Still, it’s a major project with big financial implications. When shopping for engineered hardwood flooring, you will find a wide range of textures, wood species, colors and finishes. Once it is installed, engineered hardwood planks will look same as solid wood planks. Engineered hardwood flooring can be glued, stapled or floated. It mainly depends on the product you choose. Floating floors are easiest to install and can go directly over an existing floor. Take some time to research on engineered hardwood and determine whether it’s the right floor for your home.

One can shop for the best-quality engineered as well as solid hardwood flooring in Tampa Bay Area by visiting Way Floors – one of the reputable hardwood flooring stores in this region. This family owned business offers a wide range of floor tiles for sale, including ceramic, porcelain, wood looking, marble, granite, etc. They also specialize in tile, laminate and hardwood floor installation, carried out by experienced flooring contractors. Hire them to build and install kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well. Just visit for more details!

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Hardwood Floor Installation: Shedding Light on Various Factors Involved

Hardwood floors can transform a room with beauty, warmth and style. Following aresome important things to consider while installing a hardwood floor.

Engineered Vs. Solid Wood Flooring


There are usually two types of hardwood flooring- engineered and solid. Engineered wood flooring is often thinner than solid wood flooring. It is manufactured as a thin layer of wood and a core that is mostly plywood. If you want to install the floor yourself, engineered wood flooring is the best option because it is pre finished. It is more stable than solid wood and resistant to the extreme temperatures and humidity because engineered wood flooring is made from layers of wood sandwiched and bonded together.

Solid wood flooring is the best option traditionally. It is clearly cut from a single board of hardwood and usually thicker than engineered wood. Solid wood flooring has a tendency to twist, expand, warp and contract with changes in temperature and moisture.

Preparing for Hardwood Flooring Installation

Installing hardwood flooring is usually an expensive home improvement project; it should be qualitative that can give you a durable result. The key is to prepare properly. So, new wood flooring should be laid on a smooth, clean, level, and structurally sound base. The base may be previous flooring, a new plywood subfloor, an existing wood floor in a good condition or even a moisture-proof concrete slab.

Removing Door and Base Moldings

The first step in preparing floors for hardwood installation is to remove base and door moldings. Make sure that the conditions and use of the room won’t have a negative impact on the flooring during installation. Too much traffic on a new floor can ruin the wood flooring.

Preparing Subfloor for Hardwood Flooring

In a typical installation of hardwood flooring, wood framed subfloor is surfaced with plywood subflooring panels. The subfloor must be dry, flat, clean, structurally sound, squeak free and clear of any surface bumps or fasteners. You can cover the entire ground area with 6mm black polythene, overlapping the sheets and then taping them together.

Before Hardwood Flooring Is Delivered

Before the final delivery of hardwood material, the condition of your home must be ready for it. During a remodeling process, wood flooring is typically one of the last installations. To avoid any damage to the flooring, make sure hardwood is put in after the installation of all other fixtures and appliances.

Heat and Humidity Affecting Hardwood Flooring


Solid wood flooring is very susceptible to moisture. Before the installation, wood flooring must be allowed to adjust to the house’s normal temperature. This means the wood should be left in the room where it will be installed after removing its packaging. Normal humidity of the room where flooring will be installed must be artificially controlled. You may set up temporary heating and dehumidification that matches the condition of the room.

These are some points and steps to consider for hardwood floor installation. If you want to leave this task to specialists, then opt for the professional flooring contractors of Way Floors, located in Brandon, FL and serving the entire Tampa Bay Area and beyond. Among the trusted floor tile stores in the region, Way Floors also deals in a wide variety of wholesale floor tiles and kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They offer complete hardwood solutions, such as engineered hardwood, bamboo hardwood, American Classics wood, Exotics, Handcrafted, and moldings, in addition to traditional solid hardwood flooring. Have more details by visiting today!

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Hardwood Flooring: Reasons to Choose It for Your Home

If you are planning to re-floor your home, then there are many options you can choose from. You can hire tile contractors and install porcelain or ceramic tiles. However, if you need your house look elegant and enduring, hardwood flooring is the best option.

Why to Choose Hardwood Flooring?

hardwood-american-hickory-russetThere are plenty of options available in the market. At first, hardwood flooring may look like an expensive option. However, hardwood flooring remains the best choice for a space that is clean and safe with low maintenance. Considering the overall life of hardwood flooring, the benefits of this material outweigh the initial cost. Some benefits have been mentioned below.

• Safe and Clean: One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is that it is a better sanitary option than other types of flooring. When you install carpets, you may get exposed to a good amount of dust, germs and other debris that are easily absorbed by carpet fibers. Hardwood flooring does not have this kind of problem; rather they will give you a safe and healthy living environment, especially for allergic individuals.

• Low Maintenance: Hardwood flooring is expensive than other floorings, but they also require low maintenance. Because, hardwood floors are typically sealed surfaces with a protective layer of finish and are more stain resistant than other floorings. They can also be repaired and refinished. So, it is rarely needed to replace wood flooring.

• Sustainable: Environmental factor is another advantage of hardwood flooring. It is an abundantly renewable material. Wood floors use less energy and water to produce and at the end of their life cycle, they can also be recycled. Hardwood not only brings value and beauty to a home but ensures a lifetime investment too.

• Unsurpassed beauty and value: Another biggest advantage of hardwood floors is that they are unique and beautiful. It is the oldest flooring material and never goes out of style. There are varieties of colors, designs, consistencies, and grain patterns available. Hardwood flooring also increases the value of a house. Usually, gorgeous hardwood flooring is the reason why a house is bought at a higher price.

Hardwood Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

Hardwood flooring can be more easily repaired than laminate flooring. However, hardwood costs more than laminate and does not fare well in moist conditions. Laminate floorings require periodic maintenance to keep their quality and shine, but hardwood flooring requires less maintenance. Laminate flooring does not turn yellow or fade when exposed to sunlight or other elements, but hardwood can. The lifespan of laminate flooring is up to 20 years, but hardwood flooring can last for lifetimes.

The richness of natural hardwood flooring can add value and charm to your home and be maintained with ease. On the other hand, laminate flooring can be a convincing and inexpensive replica of hardwood, which can be chosen according to your budget.

Let’s make your home in Brandon or Tampa warm and welcoming with Way Floors, which is amongst the reputable hardwood flooring stores in these areas. Here, you can choose from options such as solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, long strip flooring, etc. There are hundreds of colors and styles, from hand scraped and wire brushed to matte finish, high gloss and piano finish. Moreover, this floor and decor shop deals in laminate flooring, wholesale floor tiles, vinyl flooring for bathroom, carpets, kitchen and bath vanity cabinets, granite and marble floor tile, and so on. Hire their flooring contractors for hassle-free hardwood floor installation too. Visit to have more details today!

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Stone Floor Tiles: Natural and Elegant Type of Flooring

Stone floor tiles are natural and beautiful. There are softer and more porous stone options such as limestone, marble and travertine which also require frequent cleaning to prevent pitting and staining. Stone tile is a type of floor covering carved out of natural solid rocks. The blocks of rocks are cut into slabs which are further sent to processing plant to be re-cut, shaped and polished.

Types of Stone Flooring

There are certain types of stone flooring. They are described as follows:

• Limestone: It is basically carved out of sedimentary rocks which are formed by the accumulation of organic materials such as corals and shells, precipitates or sand. Limestones are used for timeless good looks. These are not suitable for high traffic areas because of their brittleness.

• Granite: It is usually quarried from igneous rocks which are formed from the molten magma in the center of the earth that subsequently cools and hardens. Among all stone flooring tiles, granite is the hardest stone and the most expensive as well. It is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Other than flooring, granite is also used as backs plashes and countertops.

• Marble: This natural stone is formed from metamorphic rocks which are formed under pressure and heat at the earth’s crust. Marble is more porous than granite. It requires sealant to be applied in every 9 to 12 months to keep it away from staining and make it shinier. Marble is less expensive than granite and can be used in kitchens and areas that are exposed to moisture provided they are properly sealed.

• Slate: Like marbles, slate is also formed from metamorphic rocks which are processed and cut into tiles. Slates are available in many different colors like grey, green, black and sienna.

How to Maintain and Clean Stone Floor Tiles?


Over the years, the stone flooring tiles can lose their brightness and luster and the grout can discolor. But, most of the stones are easy to clean with some simple maintenance tips. So, for cleaning stone floor tiles, you may basically need the following things:

• Bucket

• Mop

• Scrubbing cloths or brushes

• Rubber gloves

• Long handed foam roller

• Stone floor care products

How to Do it?

Now, let’s discuss how to do the cleaning below:

• Prepare fully before starting: Research the product that is going to be used for cleaning stone flooring and use them first on some dark corners of the area.

• Choose the right products: General floor may contain acid that can etch the surface, so dilute the detergent with water.

• Scrub away the dirt: Apply the product onto the floor and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes for better results and then scrub away the dirt.

• Wipe up residue and rinse: Wipe away the dirty remains and rinse with a mop with clean water. Dry your floor with an old towel. And then see how your stone flooring tiles shine.


If you’re residing in the Tampa Bay Area, FL and looking to purchase high quality stone floor tiles for your upcoming construction/renovation project, then Way Floors, a trusted marble and granite shop in Brandon, is worth visiting to enjoy factory rebated discounts in every deal. This family owned floor and decor shop also offers an array of laminate wood flooring products, kitchen and bathroom tiles, solid hardwood flooring products, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and so on. Get in touch with them for any kind of tile, laminate, vinyl, carpet or hardwood floor installation by experienced contractors. Visit for more valuable information!