Marble Floor Tiles: How to Judge Their Quality?

Marble is one of the beautiful, durable and versatile natural stones. However, it is important to ensure its quality for a long life of your flooring. Quality marble tiles do not come with a high price tag. To determine the quality of marble, you need to know how to spot inferiorities in marble tiles. Buying 10 percent more than what your project demands will help to keep a few tiles on hand for replacement when needed and to compensate for tile cutting mistakes during the installation.

Cracks and Appearances

The cracks, veins and fissures in marble give it a naturally artistic appearance, but can affect its strength as well. You have to examine the surface of marble for large fissures or cracks and then check the same thing on the other side of the marble. A quality tile does not have any fissures or fractures. Sometimes, manufacturers also apply fiber glass or epoxy mesh reinforcements on the backside of the marble which is of lower quality so that the tiles do not break. You cannot use such types of marble as it affects the ability of the marble tiles to adhere. Use an epoxy based thin set instead of one containing cement.

Calibration and Dimension

The thickness and calibration of the tiles is an important indication of the quality. The thicker the tiles, the better they are because natural marble tiles contain flaws. The flaws are nice to look at but can also cause the tiles to break if the application is too thin. Besides, check the dimension of tiles if they are square in shape. If they are not properly shaped, then they are not good for creating tight and equal grout lines. Hence, select tiles that are of same height, length, depth when you want a countertop or level floor.

Chips and Cracks

A marble tile with cracks and chips is a vital indicator of low quality. Chipping and cracking is normal but more than 5 percent cracks and chips make the marble too soft and are not good for cutting during installation. You need to carefully observe the tiles for their smoothness on all surfaces: edges, back and front.

Doctored Tiles

To fill the cracks and chips in the tiles, manufacturers add some fills. If you notice any dull areas while holding tiles under the light,it indicates the lower quality of marble, especially if the surface has the mirror-like appearance. High quality marbles contain no breaks or holes that require fills to be added. While cleaning the marble tiles, avoid using acidic chemicals as the constituents that are found in marble, such as calcium carbonate, disintegrate with the application of acids.Bleaching powder should never come in contact with the marble too. The best cleaning tip is to wipe the tiles with a damp cloth or pour water on tiles and sweep the water off them with a soft bristled broom.

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Tile Contractors: Hire Professionals for Your Desired Home Remodeling

Choosing a tile contactor is not remarkably different from choosing other home improvement contractors. Certain things you need to do include soliciting and checking multiple quotes from contractors, seeking recent customer referrals,and talking to your contractors face to face to develop a rapport to make your project successful. You are likely to find more than one tile contractor who will meet your expectations for cost, quality craftsmanship, and a friendly and professional demeanor. One advantage offered by competing contractors is their knowledge of and relationship with various tile manufacturers or dealers. You may purchase tiles on your own, but contractors frequently receive discounts from manufacturers/dealers which help in the handling and paying for the shipping of the tiles.

Job Description of a Tile Contractor

Tile installers and contractors require no formal education. If you are thinking about this as your career option, learn about the training, requirements and job duties. To become a tile contractor, no post secondary education is required. Completing an associate’s degree or apprenticeship is an option that may increase job prospects of those pursuing a career in this area. Tile contractors mostly need physical endurance, good customer service skills, and attention to details.

Important Information about Tile Contractors

Tile contractors can install porcelain, marble, ceramic, granite, and other kinds of tiles in a wide variety of buildings for private as well as commercial customers. The work of such a professional requires an irregular schedule which is physically demanding. While no formal education is required, some technical schools and community colleges offer vinyl flooring and ceramic tile programs for both aspiring and experienced contractors.

Work Setting of a Tile Contractor

Tile contractors work in all kinds of public and private buildings. They may work during regular business hours.However, in many cases, they work in evenings or weekends to avoid disturbances.

Physical Nature of the Job

Installing hard tiles is a physically demanding task. It requires hours of kneeling, bending, lifting, etc. and the installer should wear knee pads to prevent injuries. Installing tiles can be messy and the tools used can be dangerous too. The job injuries for a tile contractor are higher than the national average for all other careers.

Duties of a Tile Contractor

Surface preparation:A tile contractor has to performa detailed measurement to make sure tiles are installed and spaced properly. They lay tiles on a clean, flat and level surface. They may create blueprints on a dry surface to prepare decorative patterns or mosaics. Installers make use of mechanical or electrical tools to cut tiles to go around pipes, toilet bowls, and other fixtures.

Grouting, sealing and other job duties: After setting uptiles, these professionals apply grout between them. After the grout sets, they apply a final sealing agent. Prior to grouting, the installers apply a pre-seal to unglazed tiles. Other duties of a tile contractor may include reading blueprints, finishing and polishing tiles, mixing adhesives, and creating decorative mosaics.

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Stone Floor Tiles: What to Expect While Installing These Natural Tiles?

Natural stone floors are a new trend in the flooring realm in addition to stone countertops and vanities.They are a natural and stylish addition to any space and have been in use for over thousands of years. You can find natural stones in a variety of colors and patterns. Each stone comes with its own distinct qualities.


Popular Natural Stone Flooring Options

Following are some of the natural stone flooring types and their characteristics. They are described as:

• Granite: This is a highly sought after stone normally used in high traffic bathrooms and kitchens because of its slip resistance nature.

• Limestone: It has a little variation from tile to tile and is chosen for its natural and earthen appearance.

• Marble: It brings a sophisticated and elegant look, especially for formal spaces due to its resistance to scratch.

• Slate: It offers a rustic and classic look but is usually found in rough, irregular and geometric pieces.

• Travertine: It is a crystalline limestone often mistaken for marble.

Installing stone flooring tiles is very labor intensive. So, hiring a professional tile contractor is highly recommended. Their skills and experience ensure a proper installation that will help to maintain your floors easily and give them a longer life also. One important tip is to remove everything on the floor being replaced and consider removing wall hangings and other decors as well to avoid any further damage.

Steps Required for a Proper Installation

Step 1: The tile contractor firstly removes the old flooring and this is typically a time-consuming and messy process, regardless of what type of flooring is being removed. Tip:It is advisable to verify with the contractor whether or not the removal cost is included in the total installation price.

Step2: This is a crucial step as the installer preps the sub floor. As the old floor is removed, subfloor is required for sealing the moisture. If the subfloor is concrete, then minor crack repairs are required and if the subfloor is of wood, then a cement backing material is needed. Due to the difference in height of the existing and new floor, the installer will determine if any transition pieces are needed.

Step 3: In this step, they are ready to place tiles and will start by spreading the mortar and placing each tile in place according to the layout they have prepared until the floor is complete.

Step 4: After the setting of tiles, it’s time for grouting. Grouting is very much needed for keeping the tiles together and in perfect place. Here, the natural stone tiles should be sealed before grouting.

Step 5: After the grouting process, the tiles should be sponge cleaned for removing any dust or grout residue. It is important that new tiles should not be walked on for a minimum of 48 hours. Kitchen and bathroom tiles should be left completely moisture free.Just make sure that grout dries completely. Now you can enjoy using your new stone floor tiles to the fullest.

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Some Popular Floor Tile Options to Choose from These Days

Floor tiles are an exquisite option to enhance any home. They come with virtually countless design possibilities and are offered in lots of colors, shapes, patterns, and glazes. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the prevalent tile options to beautify your home.

Porcelain Tile

Change up the look of your home with porcelain tiles. Soft, natural hues make coordinating with the feel of the room easy, whether you are updating your floors or adding a backsplash. Porcelain is defined as ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic. However, porcelain tiles are not to be confused with ceramic tiles because the former is a harder and more non-porous material than the latter. Porcelain tiles are highly durable too. For these reasons, porcelain is a popular floor tile choice for both residential and commercial use.

Ceramic Tile


Ceramic tile is the perfect decor to use for centuries and offers consumers more options in color, texture, pattern and overall beauty than most other floor coverings. It is an outstanding versatile tile since it is resistant to high heat, durable, waterproof, and easy to install and clean. As ceramic tiles are very brittle, just make sure that you don’t drop them or drop something hard on them.

Wood Looking Tile

Wood looking white body rectified tile is easy to maintain and clean and won’t fade in sunlight. It is resistant to fire and stains, and can be used on floors and walls. These tiles are a mix of convenience and versatility. Like regular ceramic tiles, white body tiles offer durability, flexibility and convenience.

Quarry Tile

Quarry tile is a simple, natural product. Quarry tiles come in a range of red and brown hues, so are perfect for adding a natural look to your rooms or outdoor spaces. It is a sustainable flooring option that performs well in both residential and commercial areas. It is durable and easy to clean.

Zellige Moroccan and Mediterranean Tile


The Zellige is a traditional Moroccan art. It is a technique born in Morocco around the 10th century. The artisans who still practice it today bearing ancestral know-how say: Beautiful mosaic of Zellige is the fruit of a long and meticulous work. Invite the spice of Moroccan life into your bathrooms, kitchens and living areas with Zellige Mediterranean Moroccan Tiles. A mix of decorative patterns, geometric designs, and efflorescent motifs, they are perfect for bringing a wall or floor space to life. Piece together a captivating patchwork design in true Arabesque style.

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