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Marble Floor Tiles: The Most Beautiful and Versatile Natural Stone

Marble is one of the versatile and durable natural stones. Since the ancient periods, marbles have been in use to decorate homes throughout the world. Marble is very strong and often used in high traffic areas at offices and homes. However, as it is porous, it can quickly absorb stain. Marble floors are sealed to prevent stains and cracks as well. Each marble type is unique because it is a natural stone and no piece can be the same. The color of marble depends upon the specific mineral content present in it. If you want to achieve a very uniform look, then it can be a disadvantage of marble. If you want natural flooring, it is a great option.

How to Install Marble Floor Tile?

Marble flooring can add beauty and elegance to your home or office if it is installed properly. There are various options in colors and finishes. It is not an easy process to install marble floor tiles but can be done by following certain tips. They are as follows:

• Get ready for the installation. Wear gloves, face mask and eyeglasses. These accessories will protect your hands, lungs and eyes at the time of installing marble tiles.

• Remove any existing tiles. You must remove the old tiles first if you are reinstalling the floor.

• Clean the floor you plan to install on and let it dry. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

• Use a long level to make sure the area is in level. Marble is vulnerable to cracks. If it is not installed on a level surface, then cracks may develop afterwards. So use the longest level possible to make sure your floor area is in level.

• Inspect the tiles. To inspect the tiles, run your fingers on tiles to know if there is any crack or gap in the polished surface on the tiles. If there are cracks or gaps present on the tiles,simply exchange them and most of the shops accept exchanges.

• Create a layout on paper by measuring the length and width of the floor.After the measurement, mark the center of your floor. Then mark your grid on the floor using the chalk line.

• Lay the tiles.First of all, place the tiles in the pattern. Then apply a layer of thin set adhesive on floor surface using a notched trowel. After that put marble tiles firmly in the thin set adhesive. Position the tiles in place by using spacers. Check the levels of tiles. Measure the dimensions of any partial tiles by placing them on top of the full tile closest to the wall. Then use a wet saw to cut the tiles and remove unnecessary adhesive between the tiles. Leave the tiles for 24 to 48 hours to let them dry completely.

• Apply the finishing touch.Seal the marble by applying a sealing agent. Then using a moist sponge, dampen the spaces between tiles and fill them with cement.

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